The Seder Meal – Holy Thursday 28th March 2024 – 5.30pm.

The Seder is the ritual meal commemorating the events of the Exodus. It is the great Jewish feast that reminds them of their redemption and liberation from slavery. The Seder or Paschal Meal is normally celebrated in the home – here at CIC, we celebrate it as a community. At our Seder Meal we enact, in an adapted form, the Jewish ritual of the Seder. Many of the words,

phrases and actions that we “act out” during the meal are the same as those that are used during Mass. Experiencing the Seder, therefore, helps us to have a greater and deeper understanding of the Eucharist. All who have attended our Seder Meal in the past have found it a memorable and enlightening experience, particularly given its timing immediately before we celebrate our Holy Thursday Mass.

To prepare for our Seder, we need to know who is coming in good time. Please ensure that you are organized with all the components for the table, these are A LEG OF LAMB & CARVING KNIFE, A GREEN SALAD, POTATO SALAD/DISH, PASTA DISH,JUICE,WATER, RED WINE (WITH BOTTLE OPENER) ALL SUFFICIENT TO FEED THE NUMBER AT YOUR TABLE

Cost per table KSh3000/= payable upon booking to secure a table.

Sign up starts from Sunday 17 th March 2024 on a first come first served basis. The seating will be 8 or 10 per table. Spaces limited to 100 persons. Please contact Carole Kobia 0722669774.

Holy Thursday Mass will follow at 7:30PM

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