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The Seder Meal – Holy Thursday 28th March 2024 – 5.30pm.

The Seder is the ritual meal commemorating the events of the Exodus. It is the great Jewish feast that reminds them of their redemption and liberation from slavery. The Seder or Paschal Meal is normally celebrated in the home – here at CIC, we celebrate it as a community. At our Seder Meal we enact,...


Miss a Meal Lenten Appeal

This Sunday, and each Sunday during the season of Lent, a Miss-a-Meal collection (second) will be taken at the chapel door after Mass. CIC members are encouraged to miss one main meal during each week in Lent and donate the equivalent cost of that meal to this appeal. The funds collected will go to the...


The CIC new Baptismal Font

What Is a Baptismal Font? A church baptismal font is a container used to hold water during a Christian baptism ceremony. It typically has the shape of a bowl or basin, and can be made out of stone, wood, metal, or other materials. The purpose of the baptismal font is to provide a place where...

Making church buildings missional

Making church buildings missional

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